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Here you will see the progress and the costs of doing a budget bike, I will resuse and rebuild every part in a bid to save money.

I wish there was 3 incomplete bikes but im hoping that between the 3 ill have most of the parts.

I will be also using any parts left over from Shaun’s Bike


Typical Corrosion everywhere from sitting around

The rear pad on the left  cleaned up well

Rear Hub Calipers

Blue and White strip Apron Strikes again

Yep just weld in the clutch lever, mate

Engine case
Clutch arm

Not the first time apart, how did that bearing remain lubricated?

Unusable Parts, the crank is potentially Rebuildable, but ill look around, the gears are pretty good no hard facing missing, just needs the dogs done. The sprocket was carefully cut off and quite good considering.

Conv_R0013783 Destroyed Parts

Engine Cases, ready to be polished

Prepped cases

I now have a good gearbox ready and enough parts to build the bottom end, Just have decide, do i fix up a really worn out barrel or look for a second hand one, Frame is ready to be painted.


Well the exhaust spigot was totally worn out so i cut it off .

gear shaft bush

No extra Cost yet Next thing ill do is get all the parts together from shauns bike and this one and see if i have a complete motor.

Hubs and front spokes turned out perfect, off to be plated and polished.

Prepped hubs

I have to order new Rims as you cant get second hand 32 spoke rims


New Spigot with O ring groves

Finished wheel

Even the Shift shaft  was worn out with the housing , Fitted a new bush .

Isnt very budget now, Ive been unlucky as i havent found anyone in Australia with  Parts.

Ill never compromise on wheels so the front is finished.



Crank rebuild


Bearings motor + some seals


Bearings and seals wheels


Second hand Head, cover


Clutch basket

Bill hasnt told me yet

Clutch KIt


Seals and bearings


Front wheel




Forks , bushes and seals


Frame Painted


Rear Wheel


Barrell , piston




sprokets and chain






Ceramic coating


Rad shrouds


Ohlins including rebuild



Ti Bolts




Labour Hrs

Lost Count!

Key Facts

The Bike is 4 Kg lighter than the original, Yes i have spent a lot of time on the lathe, and why is there so much aluminum inside a barrel. ;)

 Complete DG system Ceramic Coated.

All aluminum has been polished by SunCoast Hydrablast.

Some Parts are Secondhand, and im really lucky we had many New parts on hand from my sons bike spares. Thanks Shaun

4 years for the Build! In my spare time.

The Spokes are original z spokes almost 6 hrs of sand blasting before we had the plated!

The Tires i actually won from Pirelli at a Conondale classic via my wife buying the tickets, Many Thanks Jane, Thanks Pirelli for your support.

Ohlins Rear suspension

Forks are totally standard :(


I really think is was truly a budget Bike, I had to keep budgeting for it every year!

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