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Here you will Find information on Club members who run their own business. Some even have special offers that extend to club members only.


C.I.A is the only manufacturer of Decorative Concrete Products North of Brisbane.  Our staff are the most experienced in all aspects of the decorative concrete industry.  In fact, 'Experience the Service" is our motto.

We offer experience in many areas of the metal fabrication industry from smaller projects like stairway and handrail systems up to complex building and construction projects.

Intaphaze Electrical  Contractors 

Specializing in Motor control. We can supply and install soft starters, Variable Speed Drives and install Pumps or motors from 0.25 kw to 200 kw,

Got a Control or strange electrical problem we can sort those out.

Intaphaze can also carry out general electrical contracting work


Call  0412 007 801

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