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I have Started a restoration of my Cr 250 Re I thought i would put the photos up showing the progress.


From This angle it all looks good but as you know the devil is in the detail.

After completely striping the Bike I found the frame to be cracked on the right hand side, The peg mounts were completely worn out and while i could fix them i could not find decent pegs, I found a set of 01 CR250 Pegs, mounts, pins and springs on ebay for $35. 


I stripped the engine down, I was stressing about the box, all was good accept for the dogs, Off to the CBC Bearings. I Picked up a complete gasket and seal Kit off evil bay for $100. The water pump housing was corroded and there is None available so Devcon to the rescue. 

If you own a 84 cr you probably know how bad the original mounts are. It took abit of working out to set the mounts right, and i know its not original but at least i can get pegs easy and even oversize pins off Ballards.  


The rear shock Body was totally worn out, Im working on a solution for that, and I have ordered new bushes for the forks, in the mean time ill buff up the Legs, the Tubes are not bad just very minor rust located between the triple clamps, And Im Not that fussy,.  This is a race bike not a fancy reproduction that never leaves the bedroom.