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Hi Craig
How long did you own the bike for?

I got it when i was 11, My XR 80 was coping a hiding,  It was a big  step up for me.
Did you Race it ?
I raced it at Coffs Harbour, Dorrigo and Grafton.

What made you decide to do a Restoration?

I blew the engine big time, and Dad was restoring his 82 RM250z
I suppose i got the Bug.

How Long did the resto take?
About a Year In between helping Dad on the house.

How much did it cost ?
I don’t know we lost count at 900.

What was done?
The frame and swing arm was powder coated, engine rebuilt with new conrod and bearings, Viton Seals , 316 stainless Allen head bolts where possible. Re built the front and rear shocks. And Many hours on the buffing machine.

Where any parts hard to get?
No Most of the parts are still available and some where ordered as cr85 04  parts.

Craig is now 17 and is racing in QVMX on his cr250 re

[CR 80 RE]