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This Bike is  Now Sold with all the spare parts Thanks for your interest.


I bought the rm off evil bay as a unfinished project, I thought “how hard would it be to get it going, Cant be to hard” Hmm.

After getting the bike i checked it out, seemed like a lot of work had been done but somethings were really wrong. For example the rear shock had solid brass where the bearings should be and no spacers. The pipe was paper thin, and no ignition coil. 

As you can guess second hand pipes proved to be Unobtanium, But I could get all the other suzuki parts from Suziparts in SA. After failing to coax a DG pipe out of suppliers from the US i had to go local and for $850 I had a gleaming new pipe and silencer OUCH.

After hours and hours of trying to sort the bikes jetting i finally got it better, but the thing was still pretty hard to ride never knowing when the light switch would cut in, Actually a light switch is an understatement.

I rode the bike for the first time at a QVMX meet Not having raced a 2 stroke ever did not help. Hell I had only done racing for a year. You can sumize the accident NOW, less said.

After that it was back to the drawing board for jetting and suspension. Young Russell came to the rescue suggesting some setup mods - hmm Much better. and i ended up racing it at coolum track as well - with very interested competitors, funnily enough i finished no worse than i normally did.  ( Third Last ), yes they were still riding. I know what you were thinking.

I pulled down the bike at the end of the season only to find cracks everywhere the more i looked the more I found, even the head stem had cracks. - I ended up re welding nearly every weld.


I had the frame powder coated and i buffed all the alloy parts again, rebuilt the motor and the suspension. and replaced all non stress bolts with 316 stainless allen head.

I bought 2 second hand suzis 1 Z and an E The Z was a complete wreck accept when i pushed down on the rear suspension, hey that feels good i removed it and cleaned it to reveal stickers indicating who rebuilt the shock and where and the mods.

The wreck had One extra thing i didnt a round slide carby, I had to try this out, what a difference, The bike didn’t have as much power but it was far more friendly.

Now if only I could get the bike to stop. and get the racing colors changed. 

PS the New brakes are fantastic. 



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[RM 250Z]